Andros Afghans was formed in 1979, while I was still living in Mexico.
My first afghan, Mex. Ch. Madrigal Nehemiah del Tajin, was not the quality I wanted, and he was never used as a producer. After him, came Mex. Int. BIS. Ch. Madrigal Gertrudis del Tajin, and like Nehemiah, was from combinations of Antar (Mexico), Crown Crest (USA) and Chandhara (UK) bloodlines.
From her first and only breeding she produced Mex. BIS. Ch. Andros Tempus Fugit, who was also never used.
After succesfully showing some dogs to numerous titles, and Gertrudis decided not to produce more for me, I leased her dam, Mex. Ch. Madrigal Chic-Chic del Tajin, and bred her to the exotic Mex. Am. Int. BIS. Ch. Coastwind Tanman,
also the sire of the well known Ch. Regency.

From this breeding came Mex. Ch. Apolonia.
Later linebred to her first cousin Am. Ch. Brigadoon Spellbinder, and produced 3 american champions, but sadly none of them had progeny of their own.
Polly, as I called her, was then bred to Mex. Int. BIS. Ch. Chandar's You Can Call Me Al, and 3 more champions were produced, Mex. Am. BIS. Ch. Alloy's Anubis, exotic cream dog that found great success in the show ring, winning Bests in Show in Mexico since his early age of 16 months, and now, with progeny following on his footsteps.

His brother, Am. Mex. Cub. Int. BIS. Ch. Alloy's Caralampio, went to Cuba as a
donation, to help re-establish the breed in that country, as their Kennel Club was returning to activity. He became perhaps, the most influential stud and show dog of all breeds, during his stay in that country. Later, his owner moved to Mexico and promoted him to attain his titles there as well as in the USA.
Caralampio's offspring have done very well in 3 different countries.

A sister to them, Mex. Ch. Alloy's Perpetua, ironi-cally sold as a puppy and returned to me as a young adult, became the basis of all I have to this day. Babs has become the pivot with which, I have been able to collect the values of the strains that I admire, as are the Coastwind and Gazon lines, and enable me with strong basis to perpetuate such high qualities in type, functional structure, and sound minds, that are vital in this, so unique hounds.
With such a strong and reliable producer I have been able to obtain a small collection of hounds that I consider will have great influence in the future of my program..

While searching for the quality I wanted, some combinations have been done, some work some don't. Some dogs have been retained and perpetuated, while others never get such oportunities, as we well know, destiny has its own ironies.

Am. Ch. Andros Escapade

Am. Ch. Andros Laelia Saimoon

Am. Ch. Andros Hocus Pocus Brigadoon.
Progeny of Ch. Brigadoon Spellbinder x Ch. Apolonia.

Mex. Int. Ch. Andros En Canvas
Mex. Am. Int. BIS. Ch. Alpha's Felony of Andros
Progeny of Am. Mex. Int. BIS. Ch. Rustic's Crying Out Loud x Mex. Ch. Alpha's Replica Jedashi.

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