Born and raised in Mexico City, I was the classic kid that would come home with all kinds of critters. When in High school, I found out a classmate was involved in showing dogs, a family venture as they trained dogs for movies, and himself, a dog show handler, so I made sure we became friends, and I got more and more involved with dogs and dog shows.

After graduating from High school, I started working with training basic obedience as well as show presentation, learned from this friend, I worked in different Vet clinics as an assistant, and at a time assisted a Zoo Vet as well. I started joining all kinds of Seminars, Symposiums, Diplomates, and any other course related to animals I could.
Eventualy making connections at the dog shows, I moved to the USA in the early '80's and worked for grooming shops, at private kennels and for professional handlers.

Returning to Mexico in '84, I decided to work full time as a professional handler, growing into tremendous success in the Mexican show scene. Breaking and setting numerous records in all breeds and later also opened a business that included all breed pet and show grooming, pet supplies and boarding.
At the time, the economic situation in Mexico became so critical, the business had to be closed.
The next move was back to the USA, and start all over again, I have had to break through again, this time in a country of tremendous magnitude, and where competition in all walks of life, simply do not compare.

I have finished many champions in 2 countries, some of the highlights of my career include winning bests in show at all breeds and specialty shows, and certainly the most important one would have to be winning Best of Breed at the AHCA National Specialty in '96 with the ever popular Mex. Am. Int. BIS. SBIS. Ch. Regency.
For those interested in my services, I can provide you with detailed information, please contact me through the information listed in the home page.

Due to my commitment to show clients dogs, my own usually have to wait, and in many cases never get the oportunities to be promoted as they should, being this the same reason for me to keep a very limited breeding program.
Every breeding is very well thought and planned before it happens, I can not take risks and certainly experimental crosses just don't happen here.

Andros Afghans / David Osuna - Member AHCA
P.O. Box 800392 Houston, TX. 77280-0392 Ph. (713) 461-1940

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