Through years of searching, learning and accumulating all kinds of experiences, I have become avid in recognizing and validating the results obtained by other breeders, and consider myself quite fortunate, with the oportunities to attain or incorporate them into my program.
Such is the case of the dogs presented in this page.

Mex. Col. Ven. Int. BIS. Ch. Chandhara's Demon Rum, english import via USA, and the result of combinations of renown bloodlines that have proven highly influencial in many countries, Ali is the common denominator in my original dogs.

Mex. Am. Int. BIS. Ch. Coastwind Tan Man, has been a major contribution as to setting exotic type. Amos is a very important link, that has also helped keep the genetic conections of my own line..

Mex. Int. BIS. Ch. Chandar's You Can Call Me Al, also a carrier of the Coastwind strain, blended with others as Pahlavi and Kassan, has helped to enhance detail and re-affirm structure, Simon was an extreme dog in detail himself.

Am. SBIS. Ch. Gazon Do What You Say, with very charachteristic type, dignified and gentle temperament, has become extremely important to enhance structure, substance and powerful, yet graceful and elegant movement. Trouble's untimely death left a great void, but his legacy has proven the strength and prepotency of his qualities, to be represented and carried on, not only in my own program but also in those of other breeders that incorporated him.

Am. Ch. Gazon The Truth Be Told, after loosing Trouble, I wanted to return and strengthen the influence of this line, and I was able to do it by adding "Justice" in the program, the results are quite exciting and his progeny are already making their own mark.
A combination that fullfilled my expectations.

I would like to take this oportunity to thank all the people involved with these dogs, breeders and owners, since without their help support and trust, I would have not been able to get to where I am now, complimenting my program with their strains and enjoying quality at its best.

Andros Afghans / David Osuna - Member AHCA
P.O. Box 800392 Houston, TX. 77280-0392 Ph. (713) 461-1940

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